Nbook cruise through travel agent or cruise line

We booked through a travel agent and the last cruise was with orbitz. This requires a good understanding of what each cruise line and ship offers and how they line up with what youre looking. All good travel agents have a close relationship with their salesperson business development manager for each cruise line. Should i book a cruise through a travel agent or do it on line myself. If the travel agent owns the cruise ship he may charge less.

Travel agents also are able to take ship inspections on cruise ships giving them valuable insight to a variety of ships. This question gets asked a lot on the cruise discussion boards. Getting a deal also means knowing that youre getting the right cruise for you a lower price isnt the only measure of value. Dont book a cruise without asking your travel agent these.

You do the online checkin, book port adventures, book ticketed meet and greets, book palo, etc. Do you use a travel agent or book directly through rcl. Should you book direct with the cruise line or use a travel agent to handle the booking. Every major cruise line allows you to book online and do everything from find a cruise to make upgrades, to pay for the trip. You can still take those routes, but the cruise line websites make it simple to book your trip. Not all travel agents are experts in the cruise industry. Travel agents vs cruise lines, that is the question how do you book your cruise just some things to think about when deciding which way to book your first or next cruise. If he has a good coordination with a cruise company that may be better also but if he arranges s cruise tour for its customers he is obviously g. It is with a heavy heart that princess cruises has made the extremely difficult decision to temporarily pause our global ship operations. For example, it costs more to book a cruise through a travel agent because of the service fee and subjective rates. Travel agents have an inside track when they book your cruise.

Is it better to book a cruise through expedia, or through. Then the travel agency usually keeps a portion of that 10%, and pays the rest to the travel agent. Im making plans for a carnival cruise to caribbean in feb. Examples are agencies like cruisesonly, cruise411 and crucon cruise outlet. Visit to learn more about cruise deals and itineraries to popular sailing destinations around the world with aaa preferred travel suppliers, including royal caribbean, carnival cruise line, princess cruises, celebrity cruises, viking river cruises, disney cruise line, oceania cruises, amawaterways, and regent seven seas cruises. Should you use a travel agent to help you book your cruise. Its best to find a travel agent that specializes in helping travelers book cruises. The right travel agent will be able to book a cruise that fits your needs. I highly recommend that you book your cruise through the cruise line either by phone or on the internet. Unlike many other sectors of the travel industry where travellers confidently book direct, most cruise passengers still book through travel agents. Finding an australian cruise travel agent cruise critic. Have you ever asked, should i use a cruise travel agent to book my cruise. The advantages of booking with a cruise travel agency. Use a travel advisor to match your lifestyle with the best possible cruise line for you, suggests becker.

Instead of relying upon a travel agency, use the internet in order to get the. In fact, some cruise lines report that as many as 95 percent of their customers book through travel agents, while the average level throughout the cruise industry tends to be around 75 percent. I used to say that a bdm could pull a rabbit out of a hat. Due to a suggestion that travel agents can sometimes offer perks unavailable directly through carnival, i spoke with a travel agent to compare pricing and offers. We know you were looking forward to sailing with us, and we apologize and share in your disappointment over these cancellations. Occasionally, you can find a travel agent, that through a special promotion, has a lower per person cabin fare than what is currently advertised by the cruise company. What are the advantages of booking a cruise through a. Ive found expedia reliable for other travel transactions. The knowledgeable agents at direct line cruises do this every day with the utmost confidence and with a minimum amount of pressure. When a travel agent does this for the cruise line, thats money that in a way, the cruise line has saved, which gets back to why cruise lines and other companies pay travel agent s commission. A good travel agent who books lots of cruises on a particular line can often offer perks that you dont get booking directly through the cruise line. Book carnival cruise direct or through travel agent.

Pros and cons of using a travel agent to book a cruise miles for. Booking directly with cruise line or through an agency. Or maybe, why should i use a travel agent to book a cruise when i can simply do it myself. When youre ready to purchase your cruise, you can either go directly to the cruise line youve chosen, or you can book a cruise with a travel agent. Why you should use a travel agent to book a cruise. You decide to go to the cruise lines website to book online or call that nice lady pictured on the companys website. Bottom line you should book your cruise with a travel agent if youre a first time cruiser, have a lot of special requests or want to get the best deals.

Like so many facets of life, travel has been hit hard by recent events. Travel agents are not allowed to undercut the cruise lines, so the base price you pay is exactly the same as the cruise lines. Booking a cruise through a us travel agent cruise critic. Reasons you should never book a cruise through a travel agent. Getting a deal also means knowing that youre getting the right cruise for you. On all but 3 of those cruises had some sort of problem caused by the travel agent. We were told no one can undercut what the cruise line charges. Also, if you book online through a cruise lines website, you might miss out on agency.

You can always book your sailing directly with the cruise line, but consider turning to a travel agent, who will bring insider information to the table. Occasionally, cruise lines offer irresistible deals and specials that are far cheaper than anything you can book through a travel agency. If a cruise line flags a booking and tells the travel agency that they cant book an australian resident at the u. Travel agents are the most excellent consultative source to go to when booking a cruise vacation. Whether sailing the warm caribbean or historic mediterranean, youll likely want some sort of plan for while youre in port. Is it better to book a cruise directly through the cruise. We break it down and compare the pros of self booking with using a travel agent for booking a cruise. Should i use a travel agent or book directly with a cruise line. Thank you for your time and i wish you beaucoup bon voyages. Going through travel agents for carnival cruise carnival. Cruise lines depend on travel agents to sell cruises and help service those bookings, so they certainly dont want to undercut the agencies they work with.

Most cruises are about both the fantastic onboard experience as well as the ports of call you visit. It used to be that if you wanted to book a cruise, youd visit a travel agent or call up the cruise line. Also, if you book your cruise with a travel agent, youll have to carry out all communications with the cruise line through the agent, which can slow the process down and become frustrating. When a travel agent books a cruise, their prices are the exact same as the cruise line, only the cruise line pays the agent a commission out of that price usually 10%. Book your cruise with a travel agent 6 reasons why you. Any cruise payments need to go through the travel agent, and they would be the ones to book the rooms, change rooms if you wanted to switch locations, etc. In the interest of full disclosure, s parent company. A big question always is should you book your cruise direct with the cruise line or should you use a travel agent in this video i will give the benefits to both methods to help you decide what. The cruise line will not discuss it with you, nor will they make any changes you want. From guided tours to resort passes, or even helicopter rides to glaciers, you can book a number of tours through the cruise line but should you book. Once youve decided where and when you want to go, next comes the easy part booking your cruise.

Booking a cruise can be a daunting process, especially if you havent done it before. As matt said, most incentives come in the form of onboard credit. Booking shore excursions independently vs booking through. Should i use a travel agent or book directly with a cruise. On our last 2 cruises we booked through carnival website. Good cruise travel agents have been on many cruises and know the ins and outs of the various cruise lines.

Conversely, if you do use a travel agent to book your cruise and visit the future cruise sales desk on that cruise and make a new reservation, you can only choose the same travel agent to be in charge of your new reservation and would then receive the full on board credit that they offer their clients. If you need more help, call our personal cruise consultants, who can assist you every step of the way. Cruise travel agencies are able to block out groups of cabins on many sailings. She quoted me the exact same price and deals, and i felt as though i was more familiar with the current specials than she was. Each supplier offers unique advantages and exclusive aaa. Booking early will be key if you want the best deal on top cruise lines and itineraries popular sailings will sell out quickly, says scott koepf, senior vice president of sales for avoya travel. Why you should use a travel agent to book a cruise the occasional cheaper cabin.

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